1- New Beginnings

Click the link below to view the first Weekly ASC article! focussing on some personal reflections of new beginnings, and how these are exciting yet daunting at the same time!

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2- Community Conversations´╗┐

This weeks newsletter touches on the relevance of community engagement in increasing adolescent safety in spaces and places beyond the family home.

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3- Championing Colleagues

Highlighting the importance of those colleagues who stand alongside you during some really tough child protection work and go the extra mile without question.

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4- FREE Courses

Homes for Ukraine Scheme!

I have created a set of 2 completely free safeguarding videos for host families, refugees, community members and professionals.

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5- Exciting Movements for EFH

I thought, given the release last week of the Independent Review of Children Social Care, it was only fitting to share some of my reflections - remaining focused on extra-familial harm.

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6- Get to know the faces...

This week, to show a little about our personal selves, I have created a 'fun' fact sheet for you to learn a little more about the faces behind ASC! starting with me - Helena...

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7- Round 2!

For the second week, get to know a little more about our personal selves, by reading the 'fun' fact sheet for our second co-director - Laura! You can be the judge of who has more fun...

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8- Beta Course!

We know first hand how challenging and deflating it can feel when trying to support young people at risk of harm outside their family- and this is exactly why we have created this course for you!

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9- Pending...

to be continued...