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All of the courses listed are 100% adjustable and can be bespoke to suit your settings' needs and expertise. The list is not exhaustive, therefore if you are looking for something that is not listed or a combination of the courses, we would be happy to assist.

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Education - Adolescent Safeguarding Introduction

We acknowledge that safeguarding concerns for adolescents vs children varies greatly. That is why we have created an introduction to safeguarding in education, with a specific focus on 10-18 year olds.

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Transitional Safeguarding

Risks presented to an adolescent do not diminish on their 18th birthday. This course is designed to equip you, a professional or volunteer in understanding alternative models of safeguarding and develop your confidence around utilising these approaches in practice.

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Modern Slavery & Exploitation

Modern slavery and exploitation are happening in the UK today. Incorporating law, policy, & legislation, this course will cover, in depth, what modern slavery and exploitation is, how to spot the signs and how you can respond to concerns.

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Understanding Peer-on-Peer Abuse

A whistle stop tour of what peer-on-peer abuse is and how it can present in your setting. Identifying the signs of child-on-child abuse can be challenging due to peer dynamics, however this training aims to increase knowledge and confidence.

Contextual Safeguarding Course

This course explores the meaning of extra-familial harm and the risks that children and young people face in contexts beyond the family home (including in school, the community and online). Specific focus on exploitation (CCE/CSE), radicalisation, online abuse & peer-on-peer abuse.


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